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Effective Thursday, August 1, 2019, CM/ECF-Test ( will no longer be available to file test cases, test pleadings or to test software.  To file test cases, test pleadings or to test software, please use CM/ECF-Train ( 

To log into CM/ECF-Train, please use the specific credentials provided to you for the training system or if you were previously issued, prior to May 6, 2019,  a CM/ECF-Live username and password, you may use those to log into Train.  Otherwise, you will need to request a username and password for CM/ECF-Train. 

Questions related to CM/ECF usernames, passwords or procedural questions, please contact the ECF Help Line at 602.682.4900.  Technical questions may be directed to the MIS Help Line at 602.682.4100.