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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Judicial opinions from the District of Arizona, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here.

Date Description Judgesort descending
03/22/13 Swift Air, Llc (2:12-bk-14362-DPC) 03/22/13

Under Advisement Decision Denying Motion To Convert

Judge Daniel P. Collins
09/14/17 J & M Food Services Llc (2:17-bk-01466-DPC) 09/14/17


Judge Daniel P. Collins
10/26/17 Va Bene Trist, Llc (2:17-bk-00993-DPC) 10/26/17


Judge Daniel P. Collins
10/25/19 Shaffer v. Amazon Services LLC (2:13-ap-00799-DPC) 10/25/19

UNDER ADVISEMENT ORDER Regarding Discovery Disputes

Judge Daniel P. Collins
03/06/20 Kara Frances Jennings (2:18-bk-11759-DPC) 03/06/20

UNDER ADVISEMENT RULING on Trustee's Motion for Reconsideration

Judge Daniel P. Collins
08/26/14 Clifford R. Smith (3:10-bk-19970-MCW) 08/26/14

Holding: Proceeds from sale of Debtors' exempt Arizona homestead remain exempt to the extent the proceeds were utilized to find and acquire a new home, to prepare it for occupancy, and to relocate there. However, proceeds that were not utilized by the Debtors within Arizona's 18-month reinvestment, must be turned over to the Trustee.

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/04/16 Short v. Toth (0:15-ap-00105-DPC) 02/04/16

Under Advisement Order

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/23/17 Mitchell et al v. College Properties Limited Partnership et al (2:06-ap-00063-DPC) 02/23/17

ORDER Denying Depetrix and Palmer Motion to Reopen Cases

Judge Daniel P. Collins
05/21/21 Shirley Stone And John Winston Stone (2:21-bk-01383-DPC) 05/21/21


Judge Daniel P. Collins
04/08/13 Arnold Holdings I, LLC (2:12-bk-11080-DPC) 04/08/13

Holding: The Debtor contends that Midfirst does not hold a secured claim because Midfirst waived its deed of trust lien when it filed a state court lawsuit to recover on the promissory note secured by the deed of trust rather than foreclosing on the deed of trust. Because Arizona law does not support the Debtor’s position, the Court overrules the objection and allows Midfirst’s secured claim in the amount stated in Claim #2.

Judge Daniel P. Collins