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Debtor FAQs

  • How do I change my address?

    Fill out the debtor change of address form and mail it to the court. Please include the case name and case number to ensure the form is filed properly.

  • What happens after I file?

    Please click on the link below to watch videos that explain the bankruptcy process and bankruptcy chapters.

    Bankruptcy Basics

  • What is the Automatic Stay?

    An injunction that automatically stops lawsuits, foreclosures, garnishments, and all collection activity against the debtor the moment a bankruptcy petition is filed.

  • Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy?

    While it is possible to file a bankruptcy case 'pro se,' that is, without the assistance of an attorney, it is extremely difficult to do so successfully. Unincorporated associations, partnerships and corporations must appear though an attorney in Federal Court. Hiring a competent attorney is highly recommended. You may contact the Maricopa County Lawyer Referral Service at 602-257-4434 for further information. The Court also provides walk-in Self Help Centers for visitors who are seeking more information about how the bankruptcy process works. The Bankruptcy Section of the State Bar of Arizona provides volunteer attorneys, who will consult with individuals for 20 - 30 minutes without charge concerning their bankruptcy situation. The volunteer attorneys are available by appointment only. For more information or questions, please contact our front counter staff or call 602-682-4000 (Phx), 520-202-7500 (Tuc) or 800-556-9230 and select 0 (zero) for the receptionist. Court staff are unable to provide legal advise and the Court does not provide legal counsel to pro se parties.

  • What is a 341(a) meeting?

    Debtors have a duty to appear, testify under oath, and to be questioned by creditors at the 341(a) meeting. This meeting is presided over by the trustee assigned to the case and is held approximately 40 days after the new petition is filed. Failure to appear may result in dismissal of the case. If a continuance or change in the hearing date, time, or location is sought, the trustee assigned to the case must be contacted. Such requests are not filed with the court.