Rule 2015-1

Interim Reports

(a)   Chapter 11 and 12 Interim Reports.  In all chapter 11 and 12 cases, on a monthly basis until the plan is confirmed or the case is converted or dismissed, the case trustee, debtor in possession, or other responsible person shall file with the court an interim operating report or reports in substantial compliance with such local forms as developed by the United States Trustee.

(b)  Other Interim Reports.  In addition to the foregoing, the court, upon motion, may require the filing of interim operating reports in any case.

Committee Notes 2007: Most of chapter 13 practice is governed by General Order 83 and Local Rules inconsistent with General Order 83 were invalidated; however, some of the Local Rules in the 2083 series are in effect. It is the intent of the Committee that any changes to Local Rule 2083 not substantively change chapter 13 practice for those cases.


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