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Pro Bono Awards


State Bar of Arizona
Bankruptcy Section
Pro Bono Awards

Honorable Sarah Sharer Curley Self Help Center Award

Given annually to a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney for their extraordinary contribution and service to the Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center.

2024:  April Maxwell
2014:  Krystal Ahart
2015:  Scott Hyder
2016:  Cindy Greene
2017:  Ray Steele
2018:  Roberta J. Sunkin
2019:  Jacque Rambo
2021:  Mark Lischwe
2022:  Carlene Simmons
2023:  Shawn Stone

Honorable Eileen W. Hollowell Pro Bono Award

Given annually to a Tucson bankruptcy attorney for their extraordinary pro bono contribution in the area of bankruptcy.

2024:  Michael McGrath
2014:  Jody Corrales
2015:  Isaac Rothschild
2016:  Jill Perrella
2017:  Dan Rylander
2018:  Elizabeth Fella
2019:  David Hindman
2021:  Steve Cox
2022:  Fred Petersen
2023:  Kathryn Johnson Finn

Pro Bono Super Hero Award

Given periodically to bankruptcy attorneys for their heroic representation of pro se debtors and creditors as part of the Bankruptcy Court Pro Bono Panel.

2017:  Nathan Finch and Warren Stapleton
2018:  Donald Gaffney

Pro Bono Distinguished Service Award

Given periodically to a bankruptcy attorney or law firm who provides extraordinary bankruptcy pro bono service in the District of Arizona

2014:  Gary Stickell
2015:  Quarles & Brady

Pro Bono Lifetime Achievement Award

Given to an attorney who, over their career as a bankruptcy attorney, has provided an invaluable commitment to pro bono and volunteer programs.

2014:  Diane Drain