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Filing Agents

A "Filing Agent" is a user that can file on behalf of attorneys and trustees. When a filing agent files on behalf of the attorney or trustee, the docket text reflects the attorney's/trustee's name as the filer, not the agent.

Filing Agents - 

  • Can docket on behalf of the attorney/trustee
  • Will not appear on the pick list for docketing
  • Name will not show on the docket text (the attorney or trustee name will show as the filer)
  • Assume the rights and privileges assigned to the attorney's or trustee's user account
  • Will not receive electronic notice directly unless the filing agent's email address is added to the attorney or trustee's account under Maintain Your ECF Account as a secondary email address
  • Attorneys and trustees will have an option to view the transactions for each of their filing agents. Transaction log will reflect the filing agent's transactions for a specific date range
  • Can file on behalf of multiple attorneys. Agent will be prompted to select which attorney they will be filing on behalf of. They can change attorneys during the session by selecting Change User at the top of the screen



1.   Register for a PACER account or upgrade current PACER account. Filing agents must register under Non-Attorney Filers for CM/ECF.

2.   Request e-filing privileges with our Court. Note: If you already had a CM/ECF login and password prior to NextGen, link your CM/ECF account to your PACER account instead. Click here for instructions.

3.   Attorney or trustee must then add the filing agent to their filing account. Note: If an attorney or trustee had filing agents prior to NextGen, the filing agent will already be listed in the attorney's/trustee's CM/ECF account.

  • Click Utilities>Maintain Your ECF Account>More User Information
  • In the Find Filing Agent field, enter last name of filing agent and click search icon
  • Select Filing Agent
  • To give filing agent permission to pay filing fees, click on filing agent's name and change Internet Payment to Y and click Save.  Note: please do not make any changes in the Groups box
  • Click Return to Account Screen
  • Click Submit

4.   To deactivate a filing agent:

  • Click Utilities>Maintain Your ECF Account>More User Information
  • Uncheck the box next to the filing agent's name
  • Click Return to Account Screen
  • Click Submit