Judge Daniel P. Collins

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Presides in Phoenix Courtroom 603

1. Compliance with Local Rules
2. Communications with the Court
    2.1 Obtaining Hearing Dates
    2.2 Continuances and Resolution of Matters Set for Hearing
    2.3 Telephonic Appearances 2.5.1 Policy
 4.Flagstaff Hearings



Presides in Phoenix Courtroom 603

1.  Compliance with Local Rules

2.  Communications with the Court

      2.1 Obtaining Hearing Dates

      2.2 Continuances and Resolution of Matters Set for Hearing

      2.3 Telephonic Appearances

3. Application for Fees and Costs

4. Flagstaff Hearings



All parties are expected to comply with the Bankruptcy Code, Bankruptcy Rules and Local Rules. 


2.1 Obtaining Hearing Dates

Upon the filing of a motion/application, to obtain a hearing date, a party may contact Courtroom Deputy Rhonda Vaughan at:  rhonda_vaughan@azb.uscourts.gov.  A request for hearing must be accompanied with a copy of the "ECF Filing Receipt."  When a party notices the hearing, a copy of the hearing notice or filing receipt must be provided to the Courtroom Deputy for review to insure the date and time is correct. 

Hearing Dates for Chapter 13 Trustee's Motions for Status Hearings: CHS Hearing Dates Look-up. 

2.2 Continuances and Resolution of Matters Set for Hearing

When agreed to by opposing parties, continuances may generally be obtained by email at rhonda_vaughan@azb.uscourts.gov or telephone request to Courtroom Deputy Rhonda Vaughan at (602) 682-4228.  When a continuance is obtained, the party requesting the continuance shall lodge, as soon as practicable, either an order granting the continuance or a stipulation signed by the parties.  The party requesting a continuance has the obligation of notifying opposing counsel or parties.  Failure to do so may result in sanctions in the appropriate circumstances.  If opposing parties have not agreed to a continuance, a Motion and Order to Continue must be filed.  The moving party must not assume the hearing has been vacated until the Court so orders. 

Parties must notify the Court promptly by email at rhonda_vaughan@azb.uscourts.gov when a matter has been resolved so that the Court can discontinue preparation efforts and the hearing may be taken off the Court’s calendar. 


2.3 Telephonic Appearances

Judge Collins prefers appearances be made in person.  In the event there is an emergency and counsel is unable to attend, a telephone appearance may be arranged by contacting Courtroom Deputy, Rhonda Vaughan, at (602) 682-4228 or by e-mail at rhonda_vaughan@azb.uscourts.gov.  Individuals appearing telephonically are cautioned that they do so at their own risk.

When appearing telephonically, it is counsel’s responsibility to initiate the call at the time of scheduled hearing by calling the conference line at (877) 873-8018, Access Code: 7217155. 


Fee Applications must comply with the United States Trustee’s Guidelines.

A Fee Application must contain one of the following: (1) a statement by counsel indicating the client has reviewed and approved the fee application, (2) a separate declaration by counsel indicating that counsel has spoken with their client and that the client has no opposition to the fee application, or (3) a client signature indicating the client has reviewed and approved the fee application.


Judge Collins presides over the Flagstaff calendars. You may contact the Courtroom Deputy Rhonda Vaughan at rhonda_vaughan@azb.uscourts.gov or 602-682-4228 for specific information on requesting/setting hearings, or appearing by video or telephone.

Any mail for Flagstaff matters must be sent to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Phoenix office at 230 N. First Ave, Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85003. 

Parties may use the hearing dates provided below to set their Flagstaff case matter for hearing: 

OCTOBER 19, 2018

NOVEMBER 16, 2018

DECEMBER 14, 2018

Reaffirmation Agreements begin at 9:30 a.m.

Chapter 13 hearings begin at 10:00 a.m.

Miscellaneous matters, including U.S. Trustee's Motions, begin at 10:30 a.m.

Flagstaff Court Location: AWD Building, 123 N. San Francisco, Courtroom 1, Flagstaff, Az.

The Flagstaff Court’s toll free number is (877) 873-8018.  Access code 7217155.   Local counsel must appear in person in courtroom 301.