Rule 7054-1

Costs - Taxation

(a) Cost Statement.  A party allowed costs shall, within 14 days after entry of the judgment unless the time is extended by motion filed prior to the expiration of the 14 days, file with the clerk and serve upon all adverse parties, a cost statement together with a notice of application to have the costs taxed and a proposed form of taxation of costs.  The cost statement shall include a memorandum of the costs and shall be verified.

(b) Objections.  Unless the clerk otherwise directs, the notice of application to have costs taxed shall give adverse parties notice that they have 14 days to file and serve on the party who seeks costs, any objections to the cost statement.  Any evidence supporting the objection shall be attached thereto.  Thereafter, the clerk shall tax the costs.

(c) Clerk Taxation.  The clerk will not tax costs unless the judgment allows costs.

Committee Notes 2009: Time deadlines have been amended to be consistent with amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, effective December 1, 2009.


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