Rule 3018-1

Acceptance or Rejection of Plans

(a) Case Number.  The case number shall appear on each page of the ballot.

(b) Ballots Sent to Proponent.  Ballots shall be sent to the plan proponent, not filed with the court.

(c) Ballot Report.  No later than 3 business days before the hearing on the confirmation of the plan, the plan proponent shall file a ballot report setting forth the results of the voting by class.  The report shall include a list of all creditors and equity security holders who have filed acceptances or rejections of the plan.  The report shall also include a tally, by class, of the number of acceptances and rejections and the dollar amount in claims and the amount of allowed interests represented by the acceptances and rejections.  The report shall identify any ballots received after the due date set by the court and shall state whether such ballots are included in the tally.  Unless otherwise ordered by the court, at or prior to the confirmation hearing, the plan proponent shall provide a copy of the report and the ballots to the court and to parties in interest who have requested such copies.

(d) Report of Objections and Cramdown Request.  The ballot report shall also state whether any objections to confirmation were filed and whether the plan proponent intends to proceed with confirmation under Bankruptcy Code § 1129(a) or (b).


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