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Rule 1073-1

Assignment of Cases

(a) New Petitions.  Except as may be provided by General Order of the Court, new petitions commencing a case shall be assigned by theClerk according to a random draw.

(b) Temporary Reassignments.  A case assigned to a particular judge may be reassigned to another judge. The case will be reassigned by the Clerk to an available judge by random draw. 

(c) Recusal.  Upon recusal of the assigned judge of an entire case, an adversary proceeding, contested matter, or other single matter within a case, the recused case, proceeding or matter will be reassigned by the Clerk to another judge by random draw.

(d) Miscellaneous Assignments.  Whenever action is required on a miscellaneous matter for which no bankruptcy case pending, the Clerk shall assign the matter by random draw.

(e) Voluntary Judicial Reassignments or Transfers.  Notwithstanding this Local Rule, any judge may transfer any bankruptcy case, adversary proceeding, contested or other matter to another consenting judge. 

(f) Reinstatements.  Cases commenced by the reinstatement of a petition after dismissal may be reassigned to the judge to whom the case was previously assigned.

Notes 2018:  Minor text changes.

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