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Nominations for Ninth Circuit Distinguished Pro Bono Service Award

The Ninth Circuit Pro Se Litigation Committee is pleased to announce the nomination period for the 2017 Ninth Circuit Distinguished Pro Bono Service Award. The award was established this year to recognize outstanding delivery of pro bono legal services within the federal courts in the Ninth Circuit. Eligible nominees include any attorney, law firm, law school, legal clinic, expert, or guardian ad litem who has accepted a pro bono appointment or provided pro bono services of any kind in the Ninth Circuit courts.

The nomination form sets forth the selection criteria and process. Nominations will close on October 14, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Pro Se Litigation Committee staff member, Denise Asper, Office of the Circuit Executive, at (415) 355-8967 or for assistance.

Thank you for helping the Ninth Circuit showcase and recognize the distinguished pro bono representation efforts occurring within its courts.