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New Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) Application Available

The court has installed a new application to support filing of a proof of claim online. Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) is a program that allows creditors and other parties to file a new or amend an existing proof of claim electronically, through the court’s website, thereby eliminating the need for the court to provide a login and password to the CM/ECF system.

During the filing process, the creditor completes information requested on the national B10 form (410 effective December 1, 2015), and ePOC will then use that information to produce a proof of claim form, which is immediately filed in the CM/ECF system. Creditors also have an option to attach exhibits. Creditors that have started the filing of a proof of claim via the court's old online proof of claim application have until November 30, 2015 to submit the claim via that system or can choose to file the claim via ePOC.  Creditors intending to file a new proof of claim online should use ePOC.  For further information, please review the Proof of Claim Form and Instructions page.