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Email Address of Trustee and Attorney Included on Form B309(A-I)

The revised Notice of a Bankruptcy Case Filing, official forms B309A - B309I, effective December 1, 2015, will include the primary email address of the case trustee and the attorney for the debtor(s). Please be advised that the email adress designated as the primary in CM/ECF will be the only one included on the form and may or may not be configured, by you, as the email address in which the court sends notices, orders and other case related communication. One or more secondary email addresses can be added and configured to receive court notices, orders and other case related communication.

This is a great time to review your CM/ECF account email settings to confirm primary email address, secondary email addresses and email notification settings. Just log into CM/ECF with your filing level account and proceed to Utilities > Maintain User Account and click the "Email information..." button. For further information, review the Maintaining Your ECF Account guide.