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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Datesort ascending Description Judge
09/19/16 Ml Manager, LLC, et al. v. William L. Hawkins as Trustee of The Cornerstone Realty and Development, Inc. Defined Benefit Plan and Trust, dated January 1, 2004, et al. (2:10-ap-00430-EPB) 09/19/16

Order, Minute Entry

Judge Eddward P. Ballinger, Jr.
09/07/16 Nina M. Harper (4:12-bk-25915-SHG) 09/07/16

Ruling On Trustee's Motion For The Order Modifying the Automatic Stay

Judge Scott H. Gan
08/22/16 Mayo Clinic v. Halsam (2:15-ap-00068-DPC) 08/22/16

Under Advisement Order

Judge Daniel P. Collins
07/07/16 Neera S. Malhotra (2:16-bk-02608-DPC) 07/07/16

Under Advisement Ruling on Debtor's Objection to Trustee's Appointment of Special Counsel

Judge Daniel P. Collins
04/25/16 Craig Steven Ridenhour and Getuta Ridenhour (3:14-bk-13339-DPC) 04/25/16

Under Advisement Ruling on Debtors' Objections to Trustee's Plan Recommendations

Judge Daniel P. Collins
04/19/16 Erik Samuel De Jong And Daryl Lynn De Jong (2:14-bk-00886-PS) 04/19/16

Memorandum/Opinion Decision

Judge Paul Sala
03/31/16 Edwards v. US Dept of Education et al (3:15-ap-00026-PS) 03/31/16

Under Advisement Order

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/29/16 Jeffrey Allen Cohen (2:14-bk-11079-DPC) 02/29/16

Under Advisement Ruling on Trustee's Motion to Quash AZDOR Levy (Related Doc # 92)

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/26/16 Smith v. Leverton (2:13-ap-00232-DPC) 02/26/16

Order Denying Motion for Stay Pending Appeal (Related Doc # 141)

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/04/16 Short v. Toth (0:15-ap-00105-DPC) 02/04/16

Under Advisement Order

Judge Daniel P. Collins