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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Judicial opinions from the District of Arizona, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here.

Datesort ascending Description Judge
09/15/04 Griffin Produce, Inc Et Al V. Heile Et Al (0:04-ap-00037-JMM) 09/15/04

Memorandum Decision (Containing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law)

Judge James M. Marlar (recalled)
09/14/04 Davis Chevrolet, Inc. (2:97-ap-12542-GBN) 09/14/04

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order

08/27/04 Williams V. Barnett Et Al (4:04-ap-00041-JMM) 08/27/04

Memorandum Decision

Judge James M. Marlar (recalled)
08/26/04 The Don Luscombe Aviation Fndation, Inc. (2:02-bk-18352-SSC) 08/26/04

Memorandum Decision on Motion to Compel Return of Documents, Application for Order to Show Cause for Contempt and Motion to Dismiss (Deny) Renaissance's Motion re: Contempt and Separate Motion for Con

Judge Sarah S. Curley (retired)
08/17/04 Leivas Et Al V. Simoes Et Al (2:04-ap-00079-SSC) 08/17/04

Memorandum Decision

Judge Sarah S. Curley (retired)
08/12/04 Francisco J Espinosa (4:92-bk-03819-EWH) 08/12/04

Memorandum Decision

Judge Eileen W. Hollowell (retired)
07/22/04 International Fibercom, Inc. (2:02-bk-02143-RJH) 07/22/04

Opinion re: Zurich's Motion for Release of Cash Collateral and Chapter 7 Trustee's Motion to Clarify Order of March 14, 2002

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)
07/20/04 Ardria Louise Lacefield (2:03-bk-22470-CGC) 07/20/04

Under Advisement Decision re: Trustee's Objection to Exemption

Judge Charles G. Case II (retired)
07/07/04 J Herndon Inc (4:04-bk-00098-JMM) 07/07/04

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Judge James M. Marlar (recalled)
07/06/04 Randy Albert Parsons (2:04-bk-00952-RJH) 07/06/04

Memorandum Decision on Motion to Dismiss

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)