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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Judicial opinions from the District of Arizona, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here.

Datesort descending Description Judge
05/24/05 Riverside Holdings Llc V. Fidelity Title Company Pension And Profit Sharing (4:04-ap-00132-EWH) 05/24/05

Memorandum Decision

Judge Eileen W. Hollowell (retired)
05/27/05 Hooker, Esq. V. Hinrichs (4:04-ap-00077-JMM) 05/27/05

Memorandum Decision Denying Motion for Relief from Judgment

Judge James M. Marlar (recalled)
06/01/05 Warfield V. Shamrock Foods Company (2:04-ap-00861-SSCP) 06/01/05

Memorandum Decision

Judge Sarah S. Curley (retired)
06/02/05 George C Vanguilder (2:05-bk-01172-SSCP) 06/02/05

Memorandum Decision

Judge Charles G. Case II (retired)
06/08/05 Oscar M Contreras And Rosa A Contreras (2:04-bk-21586-RJH) 06/08/05

Memorandum Decision on Sandollar Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Eligibility

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)
06/20/05 Hattie E. Wesley (2:04-bk-17122-RJH) 06/20/05

Memorandum Decision on Vehicle Valuation

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)
06/21/05 Swtv Production Services Inc V. Meyers Et Al (2:03-ap-01092-CGC) 06/21/05

Under Advisement Decision re: Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

Judge Charles G. Case II (retired)
06/22/05 James Alexander Mulvihill And Teresa Kay Mulvihill (2:05-bk-02070-CGC) 06/22/05

Under Advisement Decision re: Objection to Exemptions

Judge Charles G. Case II (retired)
06/23/05 Davco Enterprises Et Al V. Par Wholesale Auto, Inc. Et Al (2:04-ap-01179-RJH) 06/23/05

Memorandum Decision Granting Par Wholesale Summary Judgment as Against Davco Enterprises

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)
06/23/05 Robin Bruce Mcnabb (2:05-bk-07495-RJH) 06/23/05

Opinion re: Application of BAPCPA to Homestead Claims

Judge Randolph J. Haines (retired)