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Judge Redfield T. Baum (recalled)

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Presides in Phoenix Courtroom 301

 If you would like to schedule a mediation with Judge Baum, please provide three dates agreed to by ALL participating parties and email the Courtroom Deputy of the assigned case judge. The Courtroom Deputy will coordinate an agreeable date and time for mediation.

Mediations are normally set at 10:00 AM and will require position papers to be submitted one week prior.

Courtroom Deputy Contact Information:

Chief Judge Eddward P. Ballinger, Jr. (EPB)
Courtroom Deputy, Dawn Saucier

Judge Daniel P. Collins (DPC)
Courtroom Deputy, Renee Bryant

Judge Brenda Moody Whinery (BMW)
Courtroom Deputy, Rebecca Volz

Judge Madeleine C. Wanslee (MCW)
Courtroom Deputy, Tayler Carter

Judge Brenda K. Martin (BKM)
Courtroom Deputy, Jennifer Lowry

Judge Paul Sala (PS)
Courtroom Deputy, Margaret Kelly

Judge Scott H. Gan (SHG)
Courtroom Deputy, Teresa Mattingly