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Rule 1007-1

Lists, Schedules and Statements

(a) Master Mailing List.

(1)   A master mailing list shall be filed with the petition in the format specified by the clerk.  The clerk may also require that the master mailing list be electronically submitted.  Unless otherwise ordered, the master mailing list shall include the names and addresses, including zip codes, of all creditors and equity security holders, in alphabetical order.

(2)   When an addition or change is made to the master mailing list, the entire master mailing list shall not be filed or electronically submitted. Only a supplemental master mailing list, in the required format, containing only the newly added or changed creditors shall be filed and electronically submitted.

(3)   If a master mailing list submitted for filing does not comply with the specified requirements, the clerk shall immediately notify the debtor's attorney or debtor, if pro se, of the fact.  The debtor shall have seven days from the filing of the petition to file a master mailing list in compliance with the specified requirements.  Failure to timely file a properly formatted master mailing list shall be cause for dismissal of the petition without further notice or a hearing.

(b) List of 20 Largest Creditors.  In a chapter 9 or chapter 11 case, the list of twenty largest unsecured creditors required to be filed with the petition shall include the creditors' phone and facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses, if known.

(c) Declaration.  An original executed declaration containing a verification of the petition, lists, schedules, statement of affairs and debtor’s social security number, in the form prescribed by the clerk, shall be filed with the clerk as a separate document.  Failure to timely file the signed original declaration within 21 days after the date the petition was filed or, in the event an extension has been granted to file the schedules and statements, no later than seven days after the schedules and statements are filed shall result in dismissal of the case without further notice.

(d) Statement of Social Security Number.  If a debtor fails to submit the Statement of Social Security Number required by Bankruptcy Rule 1007(f) with the petition, the debtor shall have seven days from the date of the filing of the petition to submit the statement. Failure to submit the statement within seven days of the filing of the petition shall be cause for dismissal of the petition. In place of submitting a Statement of Social Security Number, the attorney for the debtor may submit the debtor’s social security number electronically when opening the case on CM/ECF and include in the Declaration Re: Electronic Filing  debtor’s declaration that the social security number is true and correct.

(e) Statement that Means Test Does Not Apply.  A chapter 7 individual debtor who is not required to file a Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculation because his or her debts are not primarily consumer debts shall file a statement to that effect.

(f) Payment Advices. To comply with Code § 521(a)(1)(B)(iv), the debtor shall file a Declaration in the following form and check the appropriate box.

Declaration of Evidence of Employers’ Payments Within 60 Days

[]   Attached hereto are copies of all payment advices, pay stubs or other evidence of payment received by the debtor from any employer within 60 days prior to the filing of the petition;

[]   Debtor has received no payment advices, pay stubs or other evidence of payment from any employer within 60 days prior to the filing of the petition; or

[]   Debtor has received the following payments from employers within 60 days prior to the filing of the petition: $__________.

Debtor declares the foregoing to be true and correct under penalty of perjury.

Dated:________________             ____________________________
                                                                 Signature of Debtor

Committee Notes 2009:  Time deadlines have been amended to be consistent with amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, effective December 1, 2009.

Committee Notes 2007: Changes in Subparagraph (a)(1) and (2) incorporate provisions from the ECF Interim Operating Order No. 8. Subparagraph (a)(4) change from ten to five days incorporates changes by General Order No. 94 due to BAPCPA’s requirement that clerk give notice in certain cases within 10 days of the filing of the petition, necessitating that the mailing list be submitted before then. Subparagraph (a)(3) of the old rule was deleted as it is now found in Rule 2090-1. Subparagraph (b) adds requirement for e-mail addresses. Subparagraph (c) is incorporated from ECF Interim Operating Order No. 8. Subparagraph (d), (e) and (f) incorporate changes made in General Order No. 94 and in Interim Rule 1007.

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